Key concepts in The Nature of Order

A list of key concepts in _The Nature of Order_, in order of appearance in the four books.

You might want to start with these helpful foundational ideas.

Book 1: The Phenomenon of Life

Book 2: The Process of Creating Life

  • Part 1: Structure-preserving Transformations
  • Part 2: Living Processes
    • [[ Sequence ]]
    • The fundamental process
    • [[ Living process ]]
    • [[ Word picture ]]
    • [[ Pattern]] and [[Pattern language ]]
  • Part 3: A New Paradigm for Process in Society

Book 3: A Vision of a Living World

Book 3 is about implementation of living processes. With many examples of his own projects, Alexander paints a picture of what can happen if living processes are used pervasively in our time and the environment this can create, with a focus on the impact on the whole — what is likely to happen in the large.

Book 4: The Luminous Ground

I’m currently in the process of reading book 4. Follow my raw Book 4 cliff notes as I take them.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Conclusion to the four books

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