About the Nature of Order

What is The Nature of Order about?

Christopher Alexander’s magnum opus The Nature of Order is not a book about architecture. As its subtitle more accurately states, it is “an essay about the art of building and the nature of the universe”.

The ideas and theory in this work is profound and important for everyone who wants to design, build, or make things.

Discover the key concepts in The Nature of Order or investigate the structure of the books.

Who is Christopher Alexander?

Christopher Alexander is an architect and design theorist known for his theories on human-centered design. His works have inspired the Design Patterns movement in the software industry, which was an adaptation of his publication A Pattern Language to the domain of software architecture.

-> Wikipedia: Christopher Alexander

A brief comment on Christopher Alexander and religion.

Why should you care about this?

You don’t have to be an architect to be interested and become fascinated by Alexander’s body of work. Many concepts he discusses in his various books apply to many fields beyond architecture.

Whether you develop software, design objects, or create art, Alexander’s insights will be relevant to your domain.

This project is my attempt in making the core ideas in The Nature of Order more accessible to a broader audience. Read about my specific objectives for this project.

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