We’re responsible for the creation of order on an enormous scale, yet we don’t really know that “order” means, precisely.

We don’t know:

  • what it is
  • why we are doing it
  • what its significance might be

We need a better understanding of the deep geometric reality of order.

Order usually stands for “some deep geometric regularity we cannot quite define”, which is rooted in the sense that arrangement in space is fundamental to how we understand our world.


The most general system of mathematical structures that arises because of the nature of space.

The Nature of Order presents a way of understanding order which:

  • is general
  • does justice to the nature of building and architecture
  • is adequate to understand the intuitions we have about beauty and the life of buildings
  • tells us what it means for a building to be a great building and when a building is functioning properly
  • is a common-sense and powerful view, with practical results
  • is full of unexpected intellectual results

#book/The Nature of Order/1 The Phenomenon of Life/Prologue#

#book/The Nature of Order/1 The Phenomenon of Life/1 The phenomenon of life/1 Introduction#

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