Andre Kertesz’s Paris

The physical world, its wholeness, enters into these events very specifically in the following way: each of these situations is marked by a structure which leaves itself alone. What happens there can happen because what is there is only the essential of the world. There is no superfluous structure. It is easy. It feels relaxed, life-extreme, because there is no dross, no developer’s trademarks, no attempt to sell the buyer, no room for extras which are not real. It is the purity of the Paris scene which allows these forms of life.

This paring away of non-essential centers, the filtering out of extras, leaving only the essential centers there, can be created in a physical world which has only the essentials in it, and deliberately avoids all physical centers which are not absolutely required.

#book/The Nature of Order/1 The Phenomenon of Life/10 The impact of living structure on human life#

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