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I set up a Telegram group where you can join the discussion about Christopher Alexander’s theory about centers, wholeness, and generative unfolding from his magnum opus The Nature of Order and where you can help us make these ideas accessible to a broader audience.

While this Digital Garden of notes is a more one-sided affair, the discussion group is an experiment with a more interactive format, where I hope to be just one of many contributors.

I’m hoping for a small community of people, who are interested in Alexander and who want to — like myself — have more interesting conversations about how we can make it easier for everyone to learn about his ideas, and how we can use them to make the (software) world around us more alive and a more beautiful place.

Your support — in form of questions, suggestions, corrections, feedback, and any kind of small interaction that gets this little community off the ground and keeps it alive — means the world to me.

Some Inspiring threads from Unfold Chat.

-> to the Unfold Chat Telegram group

Telegram Group vs. Channel

If you just want to stay up to date on what’s going on, but not participate in the group chat, I have also set up a channel.

Unfold is a channel. You can’t chat here, it is subscription only. If you subscribed to this channel, you’ll only get my announcements, which will also be posted to the group.

The channel links to the group. Should you ever feel inspired to start commenting, you can join the group from the channel right within Telegram.

I know it’s confusing. They really only exist both because I started with the channel, only to learn that you can’t discuss in a channel. The gist is: just join the group. :)

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