Interactive places discussing Christopher Alexander

Some ideas on how to encourage more interactive discussions about Alexander’s ideas.

(Experiment) Ask me anything (AMA)

“I have read The Nature of Order, ask me anything!”

Well, technically, I’m still in the process of reading it. Keep in mind, I’m not an expert and not trying to play one on the Internet. I’d like to try this, because for me it’s a learning tool:

  1. Your questions will give me valuable feedback of what exactly people are interested in, and which parts are difficult to understand and could be explained better — both in the books and on this site. This might or might not eventually result in a more linear, structured introductory guide about The Nature of Order
  2. In the weekly seminars we have in Building Beauty, I realized how helpful it is to discuss the material with others. You quickly realize which parts you don’t fully understand yet. And you get to hear other people’s perspectives and their interpretations of the material. This is so valuable to form a deeper understanding and avoid biases that lead to missing important details.

Please ask your questions in the Telegram group, which is the channel I have set up for this purpose.

(Experiment) Weekly live AMA

Similar to the asynchronous Telegram group mentioned above, I’d like to try a synchronous format as well. Sometimes it’s better to talk than to text.

Since I’m reading and learning and soaking in this material anyway until at least April 2021, I’d like to offer a fixed weekly time window to stop by my desk, virtually of course, and talk about anything related to Alexander. Whoever wants to come just shows up; I’ll be there. If nobody shows up, I’ll just keep working.

I expect similar benefits than the chat-based AMA, minus the availability for others. These could be recorder, I suppose, but I’d prefer to keep it low-profile for now.

I’m not sure about the technicalities and look forward to suggestions on platform, tools, and how-to-set-this-up ideas.

Book club / regular discussion group / online meet-up

There could be a more structured regular online event than the AMA. People could read the books together and talk about them. We could have little talks and presentations about topics and projects close to Alexander’s ideas. Or we could just hang out.

I’m not sure we have critical mass to sustain a regular online gathering (yet?). But I’m open to try this, if there’s enough interest.

Share your thoughts on the Telegram group.

Twitter list

I’m curating a Twitter list of people that tweet about Christopher Alexander and his work.

Do you know people that should be added to that list? Let me know.

Existing events and communities elsewhere

It would be great to collect a list of resources, people, places, projects, websites, events, that are connected to Christopher Alexander and his work.

I’m open to suggestions on where and how to collect those.

Is there anything else that you’d like to see happening in this context? Anything that you’d like to help with or even set up yourself? Let me know!

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