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  • You can view Ontology as grammar, and come to fascinating conclusions about how we structure and navigate solution spaces and the process to get to these solutions.
  • What if we view Symmetry and recursion as repetition? Symmetry as repetition in space, recursion as repetition in time.
  • Grammars stack recursively, getting gradually more abstract. More thoughts about Recursion and towers of abstraction.
  • There’s a Dichotomy between process and structure, algorithm and data, imperative and declarative, logic as calculus and logic as language, and perhaps repetition in time and space — how do they all connect?
  • @Prabros makes a connection to the mathematical concepts of Functional completeness and ergodicity.
  • Philosophically, it remains unclear if what we talk about exists physically (as Alexander believes) or is a product of our cognitive system. Eleatic philosophers gave priority to the world of forms over everyday experience.

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