Objective vs. subjective — a new worldview

In a way related to the limitations of polarizing binary perspectives, we also need to break out of the common mindset of a purely mechanistic view of the world, where everything “real” is external to the human experience.

Neuroscience confirms that all humans share a lot of thinking patterns across cultures. To a large extent, we do seem to mostly think alike. We are just so focused on our differences, lately, that we overlook the fact that we have much more in common.

Some of these things that we have in common, are therefore not simply subjective, or individual opinion. They might not be easily explainable in the classic mechanistic way, but they are basically a shared common sense that can at least be empirically and statistically “measured”. But the point here is that between “hard facts” and individual opinion, there is room for shared common sense that reaches across cultures and that we can use as a foundation for a better shared understanding of our world.

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