Looking at Chartres

They show that place, that building, is a multitude — truly a fantastic multitude — of millions upon millions of living centers, all worked through, established, shaped, as pictures of the “I”. Living centers, existing everywhere, are virtually the only things that happen there.

In this building you see the level of exceptional life that can be created in space. It is not overlaid by too much abstract thought. It is a beautiful, undying construction — ultimately all ornament in nature — in which the properties create life innocently, in centers and in which the centers themselves are multiplied, each one made deeper by the next.

these glass makers knew how to put just such a blue that the blue itself is so intense, it captures my soul when I look at it, I am deeply engaged, only by the blue itself — so the makers of that glass worked for years and years just to learn how to make a tiny piece of glass which has this power to capture the human heart, to make me feel. That is a living center. Each living center has that power, above all.

(Pages 84-87)

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