The practical results of this knowledge

Once I accept that what is happening is actual spirit, it helps me to make a whole thing. Once I understand it, I can seek to do just that. I take everything I know about centers, feeling, and so on, and focus on my inner knowledge of what it means for spirit to appear.

This is a direct humility. Then I am close to making a gift to God.

But my acceptance is more than just humility. Somehow it helps me. If I know that I have to make spirit — I cannot fool around with that. It is a great weight, and a great joy. I keep at it. It is hard work, emotionally. I can do it at any time. But it is so much easier to ignore it, not to do it. Not doing it is easy. Doing it is hard. Concentration, attention, effort — it is all very hard.

But when I actually do it, I pay attention to what I am doing and allow myself to go only in that direction where I can say it is an emerging spirit. That cuts many things out. The inner knowledge that I carry in me, which already knows what is spirit and what is not, will let this instruction, or this knowledge, guide me quite surely towards certain kinds of things.

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