What are the technical features (centers) which add the most value to how this site works?

  • More discovery entry points on the home page!
  • A list of recently updated notes on the index page; that should make it easier for people who come back to this site on a regular basis to see what has changed.
    • Should there be a last updated date on the index page?
  • A list of unconnected notes that don’t have any incoming links, or any other mechanism that helps discover notes that aren’t well connected yet.
  • Tag or category pages for notes grouped into collections; for instance, each note referring to a source book/chapter.
  • I don’t like the graph visualization that much. Not sure it adds value. It came with the template. As several notes aren’t properly linked yet, I’ll leave it in for now.


  • A better, more subtle way of referencing specific pages in the books for every citation. Shouldn’t take much space visually; perhaps initially hidden with progressive disclosure?
  • Footnotes displayed as floating blocks right next to the place where they are referenced in the main text
  • Dark/light mode dependent on system setting (I figured out how, just need to decide on colors…)

Tools & process

  • A list of broken links, ie. local links that point to notes that don’t exist.
  • Am I using GitHub Pages correctly? Seems odd to have both the “source code” and the generated site in the same repository on the same branch. What’s best practice here?
  • Streamline my publishing process: pretty straightforward already; perhaps all that is needed is a little shell script.
  • One of the scripts in the template rewrites all the notes, regardless of whether they changed or not. That messes with the last modified date, which is reset each time I generate the site. I’d like it to only write the note to disk if it actually makes changes to it. I believe it’s this script. Never mind. Fixed it.

Notes mentioning this note

Here are all the notes in this garden, along with their links, visualized as a graph.