The healing process

The unfolding process is understandably enjoyable because it is an alternative to the dreary and repetitive tasks involved in sitting in an office, drafting, far from the sun and wind and concrete on a building site.

When I make something which has wholeness or life, I became more alive in the act of making it. When I make something which is dead, or contribute to the making of something which is dead, I become less alive.

In California there are 400,000 construction workers and about 30,000 architects. Most of them are doing their work mainly or entirely for the money, with the doubt in their minds of what they are doing, why they are doing it, just grinding away at a boring task.

But when the thing which is made has life, when the process of making the thing come to life plays an important role, all this changes. The rewarding and life-enhancing nature of work comes into focus at that moment because the work does actually nourish the world. As it nourishes the world by building centers which have life, the people who are making these living centers themselves then begin to change dramatically.

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