I believe that our experience of color, if we pay attention to it, strongly suggests that something unusual is going on when we see and experience life. We experience color in a thing as a feeling as a whole, so that the whole object, the whole plane, is felt, thought and experienced as a single entity — rather like a chord or melody.

With this insight we recognize that the nature of a living thing cannot be understood merely as a system of centers. Even though, evidently, it is the centers which do the work — and largely constitute the whole — still the whole itself is an undivided thing, has a single feeling.

I regard this feeling of undivided unity, which we experience so strongly in the case of color, as a first direct experience of the I. Or rather, I should say that what we experience in the case of this profound and subtle harmony of color — the deep and mysterious feeling which we see in harmonious living color — is the thing called I.

(Page 240)

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