Emergence of a being from the field of centers

What we see happening in the two-dimensional case of the carpet, is, I believe, happening all the time, throughout the three-dimensional world, whenever true unfolding happens. All kinds of structures — bricks, mortar, arches, roofs and streets — were all shaped, at certain times, by certain cultures in ways that had similar profound effect. Tough-minded creation of deep centers, worked together with other centers to create, sometimes, remarkable depth of structure all around us. And then we see living structure appearing, in a plethora of forms, all over our planet, in profusion.

In nature this seems to happen by itself, merely through unfolding. In things made by human beings, it happens when the maker concentrates deeply — intently — on the I itself, as far as it exists in him, in her, as far as he or she can perceive it, focus on it, draw on it, draw it out, and make a thing which comes from it, is of it, is of its form, is of its origin. This is not different from doing what has to be done to be practical. The farmer who mends his fence and makes it I-like is far more intently tuned to the harmony of nature than he will let on to a city person who does not understand.

That original I-like matter has then been composed to embody unity, and shows us what we are ourselves. It is this focus on each living center as an I-like being, elaborated, intensified, which brings the emergence of life to a building. That is the main task: to connect to the I, the creation of a being.

It is not the method which is hard to understand here; the structure is hard to understand. Even after looking at it, it is not easy to say analytically why the irregular star creates a more profound being than the regular star. But it does. Somehow, it brings the thing to life. This is the spirit. This is the contact with the I.

(Pages 116-117)

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